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Adult Winter Reading Program: Other Fiction Titles

The Couple Next Door
The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena (Other Fiction)
Fantastic! Twists and turns throughout the story. The ending, WOW, -- Added by Realvamps on 02/25/2017

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The Thing Is by Kathleen Gerard (Other Fiction)
Very nice story about the power of animals in our lives. It was a little slow getting started but got better. I would recommend this book. -- Added by Bobbiboomer on 02/25/2017

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The Island House
The Island House by Nancy Thayer (Other Fiction)
I love Nancy Thayer's books. This one had excellent character development and a realistic plot. I enjoyed it. -- Added by Bobbiboomer on 02/25/2017

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The Guest Room
The Guest Room by Chris Bohjalian (Other Fiction)
A man hosts his brother's bachelor party, when things spiral out of control for everyone involved... -- Added by atucker on 02/23/2017

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If I Stay
If I Stay by Gayle Forman (Other Fiction)
Mia is faced with a difficult decision, whether she should stay or leave. She recalls all the memories she had shared with her loved ones before making her final choice. -- Added by melinap1931 on 02/23/2017

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The Divorce Papers
The Divorce Papers by Susan Rieger (Other Fiction)
One of the Blind date books. All the nitty gritty of the mechanics of divorce told thru the written word of offers-counter offers and the behind the scenes haggling between husband and wife and their respective attorneys. Unique presentation which held my interest although, fortunately, I have no personal knowledge of the proceedings! -- Added by lhannon on 02/22/2017

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The Whistler
The Whistler by John Grisham (Other Fiction)
Excellent. Another good Grisham book. -- Added by Judy on 02/22/2017

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Prayers for the Stolen
Prayers for the Stolen by Jennifer Clement (Other Fiction)
This is the Critical Mass book club selection for March,2017. It's the story of a young girl growing up in a remote mountain area of Mexico where the mothers cut their daughters' hair and make them dress like boys to make them less attractive (and therefore less likely to be kidnapped) to pillaging drug gangs. It's also a well-written social commentary on drug smuggling, illegal Mexican immigration to the U.S., and trafficking of young girls. The prose is spare yet original, and mirrors the gritty themes of the book. I really enjoyed this one, despite its noir novel feel. -- Added by Jhusain on 02/22/2017

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The Shadow Year
The Shadow Year by Hannah Richell (Other Fiction)
This was a great book! Out of all the books I've Read this winter, this was the best. I was hooked from the beginning. It was written very well and I loved the way she entertained the present and the pst. -- Added by Bmccl1 on 02/22/2017

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Us by David Nicholls (Other Fiction)
Novel started out slow with chapters moving between present and past. The woman considering divorce but wants to go to Europe with husband and son before divorce. Son runs away. Father stays behind to find him. Eventually he does. Father has heart attack in Europe while wife back at home. Wife flies to be with husband and son. They do divorce and family members go on to live their own lives. Novel gives something for a person to think about. -- Added by Kathie on 02/22/2017

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The Little Paris Bookshop
The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George (Other Fiction)
This presented as a bit depressing look at a twenty years obsession over a mistress. The main character is a bit unbelievable in his chosen career of bookselling and using it as a prescriptive device. He his self prescription comes when he finds out the real reason his love left him. The book takes you through a picturesque tour of the French countryside. The ending pulls together the story nicely. I enjoyed the book and would recommend it. -- Added by 1234mom on 02/22/2017

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Around the World in 80 Days
Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne (Other Fiction)
It is amazing that Jules Verne wrote this book when he did. He was an incredible writer: very knowledgeable and artful. -- Added by georginachia on 02/21/2017

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Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (Other Fiction)
What a good book by Mary Shelley. Too bad she didn't write more! -- Added by georginachia on 02/21/2017

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Prayers for the Stolen
Prayers for the Stolen by Jennifer Clement (Other Fiction)
serious, brutal chronicle of life for Mexican women in dangerous area told through story of one young girl. very difficult to read about but also very thought provoking. -- Added by ropir1 on 02/21/2017

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Cat & Mouse
Cat & Mouse by James Patterson (Other Fiction)
I did and didn't want to read this book when I realized that the hero, Alex Cross, is going up against his nemesis again! The title is an apt description of the plot and book. I couldn't put it sown and yet I didn't want to keep reading it. Patterson definitely kept you on the edge of your seat and threw in so many twists to the plot, it was just crazy. I can't wait to see where the next book takes us. -- Added by k2disos on 02/21/2017

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