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Adult Winter Reading Program: History/Biography Titles

Bossypants by Tina Fey (History/Biography)
Tina Fey is just hilarious. It was interesting to hear about how her career developed and what she has accomplished. All the while laughing out loud. -- Added by Bobbiboomer on 02/25/2017

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Night by Elie Wiesel (History/Biography)
I found this book to be powerful, yet difficult to absorb. It's unbelievable how much suffering these people went through in the concentration camps. I must admit that I felt the writing wasn't as refined as "The Hiding Place" by Corrie Ten Boom, but I did feel absorbed in the story---especially knowing that it was true. -- Added by rwoolston on 02/23/2017

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Game of Crowns
Game of Crowns by Christopher Andersen (History/Biography)
A must for those that follow the Royal Family. Well done rendition of the lives of the females of England-Elizabeth;, Camilla, Kate, and their positions for the throne -- Added by Susan on 02/23/2017

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The Winter Fortress
The Winter Fortress by Neal Bascomb (History/Biography)
recommend. author has written several other well written and well received books. -- Added by edger on 02/22/2017

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Brain on Fire
Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan (History/Biography)
An interesting memoir about a journalist's nearly undiagnosed illness. I loved reading her perspective as well as accounts from her loved ones. -- Added by amyko15 on 02/22/2017

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From Both Sides of the Desk: The Best Teacher I Never Had
From Both Sides of the Desk: The Best Teacher I Never Had by Timothy Gangwer (History/Biography)
Autobiographical account of growing up in Michigan City, Indiana and attending public schools during a period of change, then attending Ball State University and eventually becoming a teacher. Enjoyed the local references and the author's drive to be what he saw as the best in each of his past teachers. -- Added by read-when-i-can on 02/22/2017

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Some Assembly Required
Some Assembly Required by Arin Andrews (History/Biography)
This book is a memoir, written by a trans boy about his story. It talks about the hardships he endured and the happiness he felt throughout transitioning. He writes a heartwarming story, and I will admit I had a few tears leaking out. I would recommend this to anyone who's self-conscious about their bodies, whether it be gender dysphoria or just simply wanting to have abs. If you want to know more about Arin Andrews and his story, he's also on YouTube at rock climber 712. -- Added by angieq on 02/20/2017

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Talking as Fast as I Can
Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham (History/Biography)
So awesome, and funny, especially as the audio book is the author herself. -- Added by Sugarsnoodle on 02/20/2017

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The Mannings
The Mannings by Lars Anderson (History/Biography)
I enjoyed reading this and especially the section of the book dealing with Archie Manning's high school and college years. -- Added by CARLSONL on 02/20/2017

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My Beloved World
My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor (History/Biography)
Very interesting biography, I didn't know a lot about this Supreme Court Justice and found her story inspiring. -- Added by CARLSONL on 02/20/2017

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A Lucky Life Interrupted
A Lucky Life Interrupted by Tom Brokaw (History/Biography)
Story of Brokaw's battle with cancer, tells how such a vibrant person had to deal with this life crisis and gives some insight and advice into what others might do if faced with such a crisis. -- Added by CARLSONL on 02/20/2017

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The Forgotten Founding Father
The Forgotten Founding Father by Joshua Kendall (History/Biography)
Interesting biography of Noah Webster, who was revolutionary in his study of language but increasingly conservative in his political views. -- Added by Indysteve7 on 02/17/2017

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A Girl Named Zippy
A Girl Named Zippy by Haven Kimmel (History/Biography)
fun, funny, well written stories of young girl growing up in small town IN during 60s/70s. easy, light reading between deeper, heavier books. -- Added by ropir1 on 02/17/2017

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Bomb by Steve Sheinkin (History/Biography)
recommend. story about the making and theft of the atomic bomb. this is a "high school" based book and as such was easily readable. am a little non-plussed that it was so simply written for high school readers. in any case was informative. if you want a more detailed account of the making of the bomb look to richard rhodes as his book(s) are very informative. -- Added by edger on 02/17/2017

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Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow (History/Biography)
Excellent for the history lover. While Hamilton was the focus of the book, the author provided fascinating insights about many historical characters. It is somewhat a comfort to know that chaos in government is nothing new. -- Added by NanM on 02/16/2017

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