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The Life of Objects

The Life of Objects

by Susanna Moore

This a World War II story told from the perspective of a young Irishwoman, Beatrice, who leaves her "dull" Ireland life to become a lace maker in Berlin. She is adopted into a German family but she can't quite understand their bizzare behavior and obsession with posessions, luxury and "hunger for beauty". It's 1938, and Germany is under Nazi leadership so while families are preparing for war, her family concentrates on saving their material possessions by hiding them or securing them with friends. Beatrice is tasked with packing their treasures and while she understands little about the political situation in Europe, it has a profound effect on her life. This was a great read about the buildup to World War II and the daily life of a wealthy German family. I will be looking for more books by this author! -- Added by efoland on 02/20/2017

How the Program Works

Carmel Clay Public Library's programming focus for 2017 is science and technology, and our Adult Winter Reading Program is getting in on the fun by asking you to Plug Into Reading. You might even win a Kindle Fire!

We have a large collection of fiction and nonfiction titles that explore science and technology, and we encourage our winter reading participants to check them out. You don't have to read a book on these topics to participate in the program, any book will count toward the 6 titles you can record.