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Parent Resources

Beginning Readers

If you have a child who is learning to read, our Beginning Reader collection (R Fiction) is a great resource for you. Generally consisting of controlled vocabulary, supportive illustrations, and clear story lines, this collection of fiction and nonfiction titles is perfect for beginning readers, whether they are just starting out or ready for the challenge of a short chapter book. Within this broad collection, including classics as well as new favorites, each title is categorized into one of four levels, mirroring the four stages through which children progress as they become independent readers. The categories are identified by a colored dot attached to the spine of each book:

Blue Dots - Denoting Pre-Emergent Readers, these books are the easiest in the collection, containing few words, large print, and many picture clues.
Green Dots - Denoting Emergent Readers, these books include more text than pre-emergent readers, but still feature repetition of words or phrases, use of common vocabulary words, larger print, and well-spaced text.
Yellow Dots - Denoting Early Fluent Readers, these books feature smaller print size and fewer pictures, and contain more advanced vocabulary and more developed stories.
Copper Dots - Denoting Fluent Readers, these books are often short chapter books or collections of short stories with more challenging storylines, fewer pictures, extended episodes, and more complex vocabulary.
*Note -Nonfiction titles within the beginning reader collection are easily identified by 2 colored dots on their spines. Featuring high interest subjects, they are a popular choice especially with boys. Due to the larger number of often unfamiliar vocabulary words found in these titles, it is not uncommon for a child's reading level to drop when reading nonfiction titles.

Determining Reading Levels of Books

Five Finger Rule for Independent Reading

Parent Teacher Collection

Because parenting and teaching are two of the most important and most difficult jobs in the world, we make every effort to provide resources to support our parents and teachers. Covering a broad assortment of issues and interests, some of the topics you will find in this section include child development, activities to do with children, early literacy development ideas for parents and teachers, curriculum tie-ins, lesson plans by subject or theme, unit guides, parenting special needs children, behavior management for home and school, and games to play with children.

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